For The First Time Ever, Female Mascots Join Capital One Mascot Challenge

The Capital One Mascot Challenge has always been one of the most interesting things in college sports.  It gives us an excuse to enjoy the wacky antics of mascots while voting for our favorite ones.  This year, for the first time in the history of the challenge, female mascots are joining in the fun.  Mrs. Wuf of NC State fame and Wilma T. Wildcat from Arizona are the two glass ceiling breakers.

I am all for equality with mascots and this should get the females involved in the voting.  Then again, I am not sure if females actually care about the Capital One Mascot Challenge.  It is fun for all the guys who love sports, but I am not sure that females also love it.  Testing out two female mascots is a good way to find out.

Maybe one of these young rookies can take the crown this year and become the first female champion.  That would certainly set the record for best year ever in the mascot challenge.  Winning the title your first year as a contestant?  You really can not top that.

If you wanted an excuse to pay attention to this thing, this would be a very good reason.  As odd as it sounds, this might end up being kind of a big deal.  There may have been some backlash that none of us knew about until right now.

I wish these two mascots the best of luck as they try to capture the title.  They may not end up winning the entire thing, but they will always have the honor being the first two female mascots to join the competition.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.