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Temple Quarterback Chris Coyer Lays Out Defender With Massive Block

Chris Coyer is the man who is supposed to lead Temple football back to some sort of national prominence. I feel like that might be a bit extreme, but it could happen. Temple was taking on Villanova in their first game of the year when Coyer leveled a defender on a block. The best part about this is that Coyer is a quarterback.

If you are a fan of Temple, this type of play would make you cringe. Anytime you see a quarterback take unnecessary contact, it should make you a little bit upset. If Coyer gets hurt on that play, you never know what could happen to the team. Luckily for him, this play worked out perfectly and it resulted in a great block.

The best part about college football being back is all of these highlights from games that people may not have paid attention to. I would say that Temple-Nova is not a game that people would be interested in watching, but a play like this should draw some good attention. Maybe Coyer has a future in football if quarterback does not work out for him.

With Week 1 completely in the books, it is time for some new highlights to take shape in Week 2. I would say that this play has to be the leader in the clubhouse (see what I did there?) for best block of the year. It might be an arbitrary category, but you have to give props to a QB who is not afraid to stick his nose in and level a hit.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.