Bobby Valentine Melts Down During WEEI Interview

By Riley Schmitt
Bobby Valentine has had a pretty rough year managing the Boston Red Sox. His players really do not like him and he may have not been the first place candidate  for the job. The fact that the team is struggling should shock no one.  They are simply a bad baseball team. The team is taking a toll on Valentine, or at least that is what I can gather from this interview on WEEI. Some of the highlights include:

If I was there I’d punch you right in the mouth.”

Why would somebody even, that’s stuff that a comic strip person would write,” Valentine said. “If someone’s here, watching me go out at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, watching me put in the right relief pitchers to get a win, putting on a hit-and-run when it was necessary, talking to the guys after the game in the food room — how could someone in real life say that?”

I believe the first one was meant as a joke and the second one deals with the fact that some people reported Valentine was late to a game. That’s not exactly the type of story you want floating around if you are a big league manager. That is something that would anger fans and players alike.

If Valentine is coaching the Red Sox next year, it will be one of the biggest upsets in history. The man is destined to be fired as he was the wrong man for the exact wrong team. Better luck next time.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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