New York Giants Rookie David Wilson Cries On Sideline After First Career Fumble

By Riley Schmitt

David Wilson is the new running back for the New York Giants.  The first round pick is expected to do big things for the team but his career is not off to a great start.  Thanks to a great play by Sean Lee, Wilson fumbled in the first game of the year against the Dallas Cowboys.  To make it worse, Wilson was shown crying on the sideline.

There are two ways to look at this incident.  Since I try to be a nice guy, I’ll take the positive route this time.  Wilson wants to prove to everyone that he can be a star in the league.  He wants it so bad and the first career turnover has upset him.  He probably did not want to cry but sometimes in the heat of the moment, the game overwhelms you.

Since I did the positive, let us go to the negative side.  Dude, it is your first career game.  Turnovers are going to happen.  Even the great ones fumbled.  The best way to get over this is to go back out there and still run hard.  If you let your first turnover bother you this much, what is going to happen if you mess up in crunch time?

David Wilson is going to have a very good career, regardless of how many times he fumbles in the first game.  He just needs to reel in the crying a bit. It is awesome that you love the sport and you do not want to fail, but crying after a turnover is a bit on the dramatic side.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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