NFL Analyst Mike Mayock Blasts Coverage Of Tim Tebow And The New York Jets

By Riley Schmitt

Mike Mayock may very well be one of the best analysts in the NFL today.  He gives a sound opinion and almost never backtracks from the things he has said.  Wednesday, he was giving an interview and said something that needed to be said about the New York Jets, especially the coverage of Tim Tebow.

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Mayock continues past that quote to say that he has nothing against Tebow, but he believes that the media coverage should only come if Tebow becomes the starter.  He is 100 percent right about that argument.  We should not be talking about Tebow unless he is going to do something to impact the game.  Otherwise, it is unfair to him and everyone else.

That is where the low-hanging fruit comes in.  People cover the issue because it easy.  Tim Tebow will draw traffic to a website or viewers to a TV show.  That is what happens when a guy as polarizing as Tebow emerges.  People are going to have strong opinions and they will tune into almost any coverage that is out there.

Personally, I have grown tired of all the Tebow coverage and I think that this is the right thing to say.  If Tebow ever becomes the starter and leads the Jets to the playoffs, cover him all you like.  If Tebow remains on the bench or only gets used as a gimmick player, why are we wasting the resources?

Thank you for this, Mike Mayock.  You said something that needed to be said.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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