Huge Hit in New Zealand Rugby Match Turns into Running Battle

Every time a rugby video is posted on this site it seems to be a brawl or a bit of a collision. Rarely is it a clip of fleet-footed genius or a try made from gorgeous continuity plays. So which do you think this will be a clip of?

Of course it is a big hit! It is, however, a big hit which turns into a running battle.

New Zealand-born Samoan international Filipo Levi puts a thundering hit on Taranaki’s Jarrad Hoeata, in a local NPC regional championship match. Hoeata proceeds to hunt down Levi for the rest of the game.

Hoeata very recently won caps for the prestigious New Zealand All Blacks. Obviously being a member of the best rugby team in the world can give a man confidence. Being smashed on to your back can also take away that confidence.

After the hit Hoeata tries his best to save face. This means a series of swinging arms, punch attempts and infractions around breakdowns.

However, this game was already charged. The Ranfurly Shield (popularly known as the Log o’ Wood) was up for grabs. In the NPC competition the holder of the Shield can only lose it in a match with another Union who have specifically challenged them for the historic trophy.

Taranaki were the holders of this when the Tasman Makos and Levi challenged them, last week. So when a big hit came in early in the game it only served to exacerbate things.

In the end Taranaki triumphed 49-40.

(Video courtesy of Rugby Dump).