The Return Of Derrick Rose: Part Two

Derrick Rose is one of the brightest young stars in basketball.  However, the Chicago Bulls star is currently recovering from a torn ACL.  Thankfully, adidas basketball has decided to give us some insight into the recovery process of the star and the second edition of their video series is hot off the presses.

Some people may not like Rose and they may hate this obvious marketing scheme, but I do enjoy these videos.  As a Bulls fan, watching the recovery of Rose is certainly more important than anything that will happen on the court this season.  I expect Rose to come back and be almost as effective as he was in the past.

There will be more videos like this coming in the future.  Each one is giving us insight to a player that we may have not had before.  See, Rose is an extremely private person.  Heck, you can even call him shy.  Having a video series like this is a great way to give him more exposure and keep him in the minds of fans.

The recovery still has a long ways to go and it will be a while before Rose is back on the court and playing a full game.  Time is not as important as Rose’s return to full health.  If he misses the entire season due to this, so be it.  A healthy Derrick Rose is much more fun to watch than a hobbled one.

Look out for D Rose.  He will be back.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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