Big Ten Struggles

By ryanmasters

It is two weeks into the college football season and it is already clear that the Big Ten conference is going to struggle this season. They do not have the powerful teams to compete with the other top schools in the country.

Michigan was already destroyed by Alabama last week and now Wisconsin lost to Oregon State. Ohio State and Michigan State have already been tested and struggled early in the season. Penn State is another program that has been able to hold their own in the past but they are still winless and are going to struggle for years to come. There is not a single Big Ten team that has the firepower to compete for the National Championship this year.

There is a great amount of parody in the conference but that will not help your case when making a push to be the second best conference in college football. The SEC is clearly still at the top followed by the Big 12, Big 10, and Pac 12. The Big Ten desperately needs Michigan and Ohio State to become the programs they once were. Urban Meyer should help Ohio State compete for a national championship year in and year out once they are off their sanctions. They are the best chance for the conference to gain the respect that they are looking for.

The Big Ten is still a very prestigious conference but they currently do not have the powerful teams at the top. They are going to have to find a couple of teams that are able to make a run at a national title if they want to be known as the second best conference in football.

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