Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden Gets Trapped Under American Flag Before Kickoff

Brandon Weeden might be an old guy but the Cleveland Browns are counting on him to do big things for them season.  However, the start to his NFL career did not get off to a roaring start.  During the pre-game festivities, Weeden ended up getting trapped under an American flag.

No matter what happens to Weeden in his career, this video will be something that we can all look back on and enjoy.  I mean, who else ends up getting trapped under a flag during the pre-game?  It is so funny that I have not stopped watching it.

In the meantime, the Browns are actually off to a very good start in their first game.  They are playing some very good defense and the offense is doing enough to keep the opponent on their toes.  I think that they will be better than the pundits believe them to be.  They do have a whole heck of a lot of talent.

If this ends up being an omen for his career, I would have no idea what to make of it.  There can not be many recorded instances of this happening in any circumstance.  I mean, the flag is big and it is possible to get trapped, but how many people have actually ended up stuck under one of them?

If the Browns win, we can look back on this and laugh.  If they lose, this was a bad sign.  As I’m typing this, he just threw an interception.  Whoops.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.