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Washington Nationals’ Rookies Hazed in Women’s Leotards

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Everyone is familiar with the Fierce Five women’s gymnastics team from the 2012 Olympics. Well here you see the Washington Nationals rookies annual hazing; this year they are mimicking the United States Women’s gymnastics squad.

The newbies were officially welcomed to the team after representing the fierce five gymnastics team and representing their “gold medals.” Let’s just say none of them looked like a perfect ten but at least they were being patriotic.

After losing to the Marlins 8-0 tonight, pitcher Gio Gonzalez tweeted pictures tonight of the rookies repping their gold medals and #1 fingers in the clubhouse and before boarding a train to New York.

Included in the picture, you can see Bryce Harper kneeling in the front and I hope someone has an explanation for why Christian Garcia is on the left, holding a cake.

His quote for the photo caption was actually quite clever: “The 2012 Olympians that didn’t make the cut this year.”

This isn’t the first time rookie initiation has happened in the National’s clubhouse. Last year, they had the entire rookie squad painted blue as smurpfs. This includes Stephen Strasburg dressed up as Papa Smurpf with red pants and hat, and Danny Espinosa holding a weight as hefty smurpf

After the 8-0 loss, I’m sure that this fun act brought their spirits up a little bit and it definitely gave the media some good laughs. They should be thankful their hazing was just a simple picture, and it is one that everyone will enjoy. I cant’ wait until we see what clever hazing they come up with next year.

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