Dallas Cowboys Introduce "Jerry Wipes"

By ryanmasters
Matthew Emmons – US PRESSWIRE


The Dallas Cowboys had an impressive week one victory over the New York Giants. The conversations after the game should have been out the improved play of Tony Romo and the Cowboys defense. Instead, the fact that Jerry Jones does not clean his own glasses was the topic grabbing all of the headlines.

Jones’ son-in-law, Shy Anderson, was seen cleaning the glasses for Jones. Anderson noticed all the hype that was surrounding this story and came up with “Jerry Wipes.” The eyeglass cleaning cloths are expected to be sold on DallasCowboys.com very soon. Jones has always been known for his business sense and it seems to be rubbing off on Anderson.

The best way to get these cloths to start selling quickly would be to increase their versatility. Anderson joked that they could also be used for a spontaneous shoeshine. The Cowboys should take this a step further. “Jerry Wipes” would really start selling if they were used to clean their new Super Bowl rings and Lombardi Trophy. They finally seem to have a defense to go along with their offense this season so it may be the year. Jones has been very proud of his Cowboy Stadium because it has all of the glamour and shine that he is looking for in a stadium.

The Cowboys have always been easily recognizable with the star on their helmet. What do “Jerry Wipes” and stars have in common? They both seem to make things shine a little brighter. This may seem like an odd business venture for the team but it will be interesting to see how far they take it.

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