Is Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Dating Miss USA Olivia Culpo?

By Riley Schmitt

Ryan Lochte became a big star this summer as he brought home some medals as part of the Olympic swim team. Now that he’s back home, he might actually have time for a girlfriend instead of one night stands.  Enter Olivia Culpo, who also happens to be Miss USA.  They met a party and have been seen a couple of other times.

“It’s too early to say they’re ‘dating,'” a spokeswoman for the swimmer said. “They get along well and they’ve been to a couple events.”

If there is one thing that America loves, it is power couples between famous people.  We enjoy them for a bit because it means we get to destroy them once their power gets too great.  The joys of living in a cynical society.  It may not seem pretty, but it is the way that things go.

In all seriousness, hopefully this works out for the two if they so chose to date.  I mean, Lochte might be kind of a gigantic loon, but both he and Culpo are successful.  They have their heads on straight and look to have quite the successful life plan so far.

Expect more rumors about this partnership in the coming days and weeks.  The next time they end up spotted together, more rumors will fly.  Maybe they will be seen with other people and we can speculate if they are on the rocks.  In times like this, I can only say one thing.  We really need better hobbies.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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