Power Rankings Have Tim Tebow On The Brain Instead Of The New York Jets

By Riley Schmitt

Tim Tebow is not the starting quarterback of the New York Jets, but he seems to get all the attention for the team. If you believe the new NFL power rankings, the team really is all about Tebow. Maybe this is just a hilarious oversight, but I have no idea how no has caught this yet.

If you don’t believe me about this, you can check the actual rankings themselves.  I thought this was a hilarious prank at first but nope.  The Jets are really listed as Tebow.  Skip Bayless is probably having the best day of his life right now.  Finally Tebow is getting all of the love.

I hope this does get fixed soon and for reasons concerning both Tebow and the Jets.  The Jets look like they might be a decent team this year.  I have been very bearish about them, but they showed me something on Sunday.  That something they showed me was an offense that was apparently dormant all preseason.

As for Tebow, he does not need this.  Let the guy be the jack of all trades and focus the attention on the players that really deserve it.  The fact the media obsesses over him is almost too much to bear.  A mistake like this only adds more fuel to the fire and it creates stuff that should not be created.

The Jets might really be the Fighting Tebows, but that isn’t fair to everyone involved.  Then again, it is pretty funny.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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