Julian Connerton Quits Egg Harbor City Football Team After Coach Refuses To Let Him Wear Pink Gloves

By Riley Schmitt
Danny Drake – Press Of Atlantic City

Julian Connerton is pretty much your average 12-year old boy. He loves playing football and he loves his mother. His mother is a breast cancer survivor so Connerton decided to wear pink gloves during a game to show his support. However, the Egg City Harbor player was told by his coach he couldn’t play with pink gloves so he quit.

But, just as the 12-year-old Egg Harbor City Crusaders player was suiting up, his coach told him he could not play in the game against the Ocean City Junior Raiders if he wore the pink gloves.

That prompted Julian to quit the team, and the incident has since generated hundreds of comments on multiple Facebook pages, many of them supporting Julian’s decision and questioning his coach’s refusal to allow it.

There will be a meeting to talk about this issue and something tells me that the coach allows Connerton to play.  In fact, the coach was unaware of why the young guy wanted to wear pink gloves.  I believe that if he would have known the reason behind the gloves, there would have not been an issue.

Just another example of how communication can break down between people.  The coach thought that Connerton was showing him up and disobeying the uniform code.  I have to assume that a kid whose mother has fought would have clearance to wear pink gloves to support him.

Let’s hope that a resolution to this issue comes quickly.  It sounds like this all could have been avoided with a simple conversation.

Photo courtesy of Press of Atlantic City

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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