NFL to Test Pylon Camera

By ryanmasters

The NFL has always been on the leading edge of technology innovation in sports. They are the only sport that is better to watch the game on television than it is in person. Thursday night they will be implementing a new pylon camera for the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers game.

Having this new camera will allow a better look at certain plays and will be used by the refs to review a play if needed. As a fan, I have been asking for a camera in this position for years and am now getting my wish. Not only will this view make it easier to see if a player crossed the goal line but it will be aesthetically pleasing to the fans at home and in the stadium. It is going to bring a whole new view to the game. This will provide an new perspective for all viewers.

The NFL tried to implement these cameras years ago but the technology was not up to par. The league was waiting for a camera that could zoom, tilt, and provided the quality of image necessary to provide the desired results. The next cameras that the league should implement would be a directly above each goal line and a camera pointing straight up from each cross bar. These two locations would clear up pretty much all of the scoring plays in the game.

Other sports leagues should follow the map laid out by the NFL. They have the best replay system in place and have relatively few calls that are missed in a game. If it is called incorrectly on the field, they have a system in place to easily overturn them unlike the other sports.

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