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Derrick Rose Cries At Adidas Promotional Event

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

 Derrick Rose was looking the D Rose of old after an injury filled last year in the first playoff game for the Chicago Bulls.  Unfortunately, that was not meant to be as Rose tore his ACL late in the fourth quarter and missed the rest of the postseason.  Right, now Rose is in the middle of rehab, which is being documented by Adidas.  They have done video promotion of his eventual return and watching the video was enough to make Rose cry.

A moment like this is extremely powerful.  Rose clearly wants to return and the buildup of rehab and fighting to come back became too much for him.  The videos from Adidas might be a little too promotional but they do show how much Rose wants to come back.

In fact, it is great to see this side of an athlete.  Rose is known as one of the most humble players in any sport and the injury has clearly taken a toll on him.

Although it was a promotional event, Rose was asked about the team for next season and he did have this to say.

The team that we have now, we have a good shot. The players that we had come in. we have a good chance. It just didn’t work out. We’ve had new guys come in. The players that we lost, I’m definitely going to miss them. It’s a business first and you’re not going to have the same people every year. The players that we have and the coaches that we have, we’re just going to have to make do and go out and try to win a championship.

Although most people think that the Bulls had a horrible offseason, Rose still thinks the team can come in and compete.  That is what makes Rose the special player that he is.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.