Did Lance Armstrong Accidentally Post His Phone Number on Twitter?

As if the last month or so hasn’t already been rough enough for Lance Armstrong–he may be looking into getting a new cell phone number after accidentally posting it on the popular social media site Twitter.

The photo above shows Armstrong’s Tweet and if I had to guess off the top of my head, I would guess he meant to send this as a direct message to someone instead of making it public to his 3.7 million followers–which I’m sure was followed by numerous calls from followers all across the country. What’s even worse, the message has been on his Twitter account for 14 minutes after this article was written–which means Armstrong clearly didn’t realize right away.

Not only did the former seven-time Tour de France champion lose his records in cycling due to doping allegations, but he was recently denied an entry to the Chicago Marathon because of everything that’s been happening in his life. On top of all this, Armstrong recently had to deal with the news that his former fling Sheryl Crowe was responsible for sharing information to the USADA after she was investigated back in 2011 over his doping allegations.

Whether you’re a fan of Armstrong or not–you can’t help but laugh about this minor incident. It’s a shame that Armstrong will most likely get a new phone number after all of this, but it’s difficult not to wonder how many phone calls he received over the first hour after this message was posted on Twitter.

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