Peyton Manning Has His Own Corn Maze in Colorado

By Bryan Lutz

A giant alien spacecraft that resembles Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has landed in a cornfield in Greenly, Colorado! The end is near! The Mayans were right! SERENITY NOW! Oh wait… it’s just a corn maze. Pheww.

I guess Bronco nation has moved away from Tebowmania and adopted a newfound son rather quickly. And judging by Peyton’s performance against the Pittsburgh Steelerswho can blame them? As you can see from the full picture here, this corn maze is ridiculously detailed, sans the tail that Manning apparently has.

These corn mazes blow my mind. I have trouble drawing a negligible stick figure, and people out there can do stuff like this. I would also be interested to know how long this takes to accomplish. I doubt you just wake up one morning and say “hey, I got an idea” and knock this out of the park in eight hours.  Lastly, based on my midwestern ignorance, I had no idea Colorado even had corn fields. I’m just an idiot who thinks it’s all mountains.

Going to college near the Indianapolis area when Peyton Manning was in his prime, I grew to hate him because of the insufferable Colts fans in the area. But now that he is in Denver, I really don’t care all that much about him and hope he succeeds. And if he doesn’t succeed, maybe we will see a Brock Osweiler maze in the not so distance future.

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