The Craziest High School Uniform Award Goes to...Atlantic High in Florida

By Tina Musial
Image exclusively provided by Ryan Boylston of

Atlantic High School in Florida unveiled a new uniform for their football players recently. And the look is….well….unique, to say the least. This football uniform looks like a combination of the Oregon Ducks uniform that ran in to…I am stumped to even come up with something. A pond of lime green paint?

One or the other green colors wouldn’t be bad, or that bad, by itself. However, what is the purpose of having two different colored legs on the pants? Is it to be camouflaged when they run one way and to stand out when they run the other? Seriously. Why is there a need for two different colored legs?

The uniforms were actually donated to the school by Delray Beach nonprofit Prep and Sports group.  They were made by a company called Futuristic Woo. They were even designed with the school in mind. Hmmm.

When I saw the “special” uniforms for one week last year in the Big Ten that were designed to look futuristic I thought they were ridiculous. But this one takes the cake.

Atlantic helmet
Image exclusively provided by Ryan Boylston of

The look in the player’s eyes seems to portray the same thing. Remember in the movie The Christmas Story when the mother makes the little boy try on the pink bunny outfit? He finally does, but then begs to take it off after just seconds. I get the vibe this player is begging to get this uniform off himself too.

But the uniform is pure brilliance from a marketing standpoint. Everyone will be talking about and sharing the picture of the crazy looking high school football uniform. And the company that made it. And that company will hit web search gold! Pure genius.

PS – Why is he wearing one helmet but holding another? Is this another new aspect to the futuristic look? It requires two?

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