Eric Wright Has Video Game-Like Interception Return For Touchdown

By Riley Schmitt

Eric Wright has bounced around football but it looks like he may have found a home with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On Sunday, Wright had an absolutely amazing interception return for a touchdown, thanks to Eli Manning and company.

You can look at this play in two separate ways.  This was either a great play by Wright to let everything unfold in front of him or it was absolutely atrocious defense by the New York Giants.  They should have stopped Wright well before he had a chance to score but they seemed to be moving at half speed.

If you want to overreact to early season games, the Bucs look like a real good team thanks to the coaching change.  They seem to be playing with a lot more fire and the defense looks quite sporty.  If they keep this up, they could be a threat in the NFC South.

That means we can also overreact about the Giants.  They seem to be dealing with quite the Super Bowl hangover.  They have just looked flat out sloppy the first two games of the season.  Nothing seems to be working and the offense keeps giving the ball away.

I am going to go ahead and nominate this as the leader for play of the week in Week 2.  It will take something pretty cool to make Eric Wright’s amazing pick six look bad.  The stop and go move he pulled is something straight out of a video game.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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