Golden Tate Destroys Sean Lee On A Block

By Riley Schmitt

Golden Tate of the Seattle Seahawks is your clubhouse leader for hit of the season. Yes, the very same Tate that plays wide receiver. On Sunday, Tate delivered a vicious block to Sean Lee of the Dallas Cowboys and it sent the linebacker flying through the air.

Let me preface this by letting you know that this hit has been outlawed by the league.  According to the rules, it is an illegal blindside block and Lee was a defenseless player.  That is totally true.  However, if you ever played wide receiver like I did, you know this play as a crack block (or something resembling it).  I guess it’s not technically a crack block since it wasn’t designed, but it looks similar enough.

I am actually glad that football is trying to eliminate plays like this.  These are extremely dangerous and they are plays that can cause serious injury to players.  However, the old wide receiver in me absolutely loves plays like this.  It might seem hard to believe but let me explain.

As a wideout, you really do not have a chance to throw a big hit on someone unless you play special teams.  Normally, you end up getting drilled across the middle while the linebackers and safeties celebrate over your body.  On a play like this, it is the one time a wideout can throw a big hit on a guy that has probably taken him out before.

Now I am not condoning a hit like this, but it is a play that probably made a lot of wideouts smile.  You don’t have a chance to do something like this often, so you should take advantage of it when you can.  However, it is illegal and he should have been flagged, so I may have just rambled for no reason whatsoever.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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