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Bronco Mendenhall Gets Confronted By Utah Fan, Utah Fan Backs Down


Bronco Mendenhall was probably not too happy with the outcome of the Holy War on Saturday. In one of the strangest finishes ever, BYU fell to Utah after their kicker missed a field goal. That seems normal, but this took forever since Utah charged the field on two separate occasions before the game ended. After it ended, a Utah fan on the field wanted to share words with Bronco and that’s when things got interesting.–00bMxE&feature=player_embedded

You can not tell what the guy said to Mendenhall in that video, but it looked like Bronco was none too happy with him. I think it is great to see the reaction of the fan once Mendenhall takes a step towards him. He completely cowered at the fact that a coach was possibly going to confront him.

This is something that you probably do not want to see out of your coaches on a regular basis, but it is pretty cool to see in a situation like this. That guy was probably fueled by some extra confidence due to the win and thought running his mouth to a coach would be funny. You really don’t want to mess with a guy like Bronco, though.

Hopefully that Ute fan received the attention that he wanted after this. He thought he was tough until Bronco started staring. After that, he backed out of there as fast as humanly possible.

This should be a lesson for every fan out there. Do not talk smack to the other team’s coach, especially if the guy could probably knock you out.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.