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Buffalo State Uses Hook, Double Lateral to Pull Off Upset of Wisconsin-Whitewater

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Going into Saturday, a lot of people figured that Buffalo State would have no chance against a powerhouse like Wisconsin-Whitewater. The number one ranked team in DIII was on a 46 game winning streak and it looked like they had a win wrapped up. Then again, they weren’t expecting the hook and double lateral play.

Although that was not the play that won the game, it did eat up a chunk of the field. It certainly made things a lot easier for Buffalo State to score the game winning touchdown. A play like this can go wrong in a lot of ways, but somehow it worked out perfectly this time.

A hook and ladder (or lateral) is fairly hard to pull off in itself, but adding the second lateral makes it even more difficult. The ball could have easily been fumbled away, which would have taken away precious seconds. The fact that they were able to pull this off, plus have the runner get out of bounds is simply a miracle, even with all the prep the team put into it.

That’s a play we practice every week, because it’s our last play type of play,” head coach Jerry Boyes said. “The kids executed it to perfection. It was a huge time, but something like that just doesn’t happen. You’ve got to practice those things. Through that, you give yourself a chance.”

Congratulations to Buffalo State on pulling off a huge win. If you have the stones to go for a play like this, you deserve to win.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.