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Did Ray Edwards Accidentally Hit A Referee With A Punch Monday Night?

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Ray Edwards has struggled since he decided to join the Atlanta Falcons. Monday night, Atlanta was taking on Denver Broncos in a game that will be known as the game in which replacement referees absolutely failed on a national stage. The game was chippy, the rules were lax, and no one enjoyed it. However, there is another moment. During an early brawl, did Edwards accidentally punch a ref?


Look at the six second mark and about the 1:42 mark to see what I’m talking about.

It is sort of hard to tell, but watch the video closely.  If you look, you can see Edwards involved in a bit of a scrum with a Broncos player.  As the two are shoving and beginning to swing at each other, a ref tries to break it up.  In this entire mess, it looks like Edwards catches the ref in the face with his hand.

He was hit with a fifteen yard penalty but was somehow not ejected.  People online quickly noticed the punch and they could not believe that Edwards was still in the game.  He simply lost his cool at a bad time and he is lucky that it did not get him kicked out of the game.

Something tells me the league is going to take notice of this and Edwards will have to pay a fine sometime this week.  Even if he was not kicked out, it looked like he was throwing a punch and a ref got hit by him.  That is certainly fineable.

Then again, my eyes could be just seeing things and the ref may have been fine.  What do you think?  Did Edwards accidentally hit a ref or my eyes just playing tricks on me?

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.