Finnish Soccer Star Pekka Sihvola Scores Audacious Penalty

By Alan Dymock
Courtesy of

Finnish soccer star Pekka Sihvola turned up on YouTube a few days ago with a blindfold on, dispatching a rabona penalty kick.

In the video posted by his management agency, Golden Star Management, the striker pulls on a blindfold and pulls out a kick normally reserved for crosses from showboat wingers. Regardless of whether this is take two or take 202, it is impressive.

Sihvola plays his soccer for MYPA in the top Finnish league, Veikkausliiga. They are a mid level team and although Sihvola is leading their line, he has played quite a few teams in his professional career. He has also reportedly attempted to make it in South America before, to no avail.

Golden Star have offices in Finland and Estonia and with a designated YouTube channel they and lead agent Jonne Lindblom are clearly trying to net players like Sihvola moves away. Would teams sign a player on a stupendous penalty, alone?

According to the group’s website “The main objective of Golden Star Management acting as the Player’s Football Agents, is to ensure that the Player is given the appropriate on pitch opportunities and that the Player’s contract reflects his ability. In short that he is gaining the most from his career on and off pitch. As Licensed Players’ Agents this is our main area of focus and driving force.”

Of course there are always marketing opportunities off the back of stunts like these. If they were to specialize in videos like this one, maybe Pekka Sihvola could become a name outside of Finland.

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