10 Hot Female Athletes We Can’t Help but Stare At

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Danica Patrick - Racing

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick drives a car and drives us crazy with those GoDaddy ads.

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Maria Sharapova - Tennis

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova is one of the best tennis players in the world, but she's also been one of the hottest chicks in sports for a long time now. Keep posing for these great pics Maria. Oh, and you can keep playing tennis, if you want.

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Amanda Beard - Swimming

Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard made the world know her name when she posed for Playboy magazine. I never complained.

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Hope Solo - Soccer

Hope Solo

Hope Solo is not only one of the greatest female keepers in the world, but she's gorgeous to boot. She makes it not as big of a deal to watch USA Women's Soccer.

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Alana Blanchard - Surfing

Alana Blanchard

There are plenty of hot surfer chicks out there, but Alana Blanchard takes the cake in that department.

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Bianca Cruz - Softball

Bianca Cruz

It's funny how you can have some softball girls who just are not lookers at all, and then you have Bianca Cruz, who would make any guy in the world do a double take.

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Leryn Franco - Javelin

Leryn Franco

Never has a Javelin thrower got so much attention, but I mean come on. Look at her.

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Meghan Hardin - Golf

Meghan Hardin

Meghan Hardin brought the golf world to their proverbial knees with her unbelievable body on Golf Channel's Big Break. The show is not all that's big.

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Jace Williams - Softball

Jace Williams

I was trying to think of something clever to say here, but I could not take my eyes off of Jace.

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Gina Carano - MMA

Gina Carano

I want to meet the one guy who actually watched a Gina Carano fight to see her fighting skills. The rest of us just want to see her move around.