Bob Fescoe Has Epic Radio Rant About The Kansas City Chiefs

By Riley Schmitt
Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

Bob Fescoe is a radio host in Kansas City so you know that he loves his Kansas City Chiefs. Well, you can say that he loved them at one point. This team is awful right now and Fescoe had an epic rant about them on Monday.

I have the best part (and safest for air) transcribed below.  It is quite good.

Stop embarrassing yourselves! You’re embarrassing your mother. You’re embarrassing your father. You’re embarrassing the city. You’re embarrassing your wifeand your children. … You’re an embarrassing trainwreck to the 2.5 million people that call this metro area home. You’ve let down all the old ladies that are on life support, rooting for you, trying to pull out another day. You give people nothing to live for. You suck.

Strong words from Mr. Fescoe on the state of the team.  I really can not disagree with his premise.  The Chiefs do not look like a good football team this year.  They really have not looked like a good team in awhile.  The talent just doesn’t seem to work together.  There are good pieces there but they just can’t put anything together.

I imagine that a lot of fans feel this same way.  The KC fans are loyal but they have a pretty bad team to watch.  It has to be painful for them to see this performance.  Maybe it will improve soon, but if not, we can look forward to more rants.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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