Harvard-Westlake Pulls Off Amazing Trick Play To Score A Touchdown

By Riley Schmitt

There are very few things in life better than a trick play. Harvard-Westlake decided to have some fun on Friday in their 43-14 win. In order to score one of their many touchdowns, they decided to run a hook and lateral sort of thing.


That was the first time that the team pulled the trick play off successful and it worked to perfection.  Can’t exactly argue with those results.  It is a play that has a lot of chances to go wrong but it worked out perfectly for them.  It wasn’t designed like a pure hook and ladder play, which makes it more interesting.

The second lateral is what really made the play tick.  If they simply ran the hook and ladder, it was going to be a great gain.  That second pitch is what allowed the team to pick up a touchdown.  You have to applaud something like that.  It takes guts and when you end up rewarded, it is perfect.

This is not the only trick play from this past weekend.  Remember the amazing Buffalo State play?  Yeah, we have that too.  This means only one thing.  It is time to do a grand old comparison


Take a look at both of these plays and study them closely.  We want to know which trick play you like better.  Was the high school one that ended in a score better or do you like the college one that set up a massive upset?  You really can’t go wrong.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.


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