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Top 10 Hottest WWE Divas on TV

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#10 Tamina Snuka

Tamina Snuka
Tamina Snuka is going to be the next Chyna. She's massive, she's sexy, but let's hope she doesn't do a porno with X-Pac.
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#9: Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes
Rosa Mendes is my new favorite version of Latina Heat. She's insanely hot, and I look forward to seeing her forever.
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#8: Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn WWE
One of new favorite girls. Love everything she does, and I'm sure you do too.
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#7: Cameron

Cameron WWE
She would have been in the top 5, but I'm not attracted to DUI's or bribing cops. Then again, I'm still a guy and I enjoy looking at sexiness. So she barely made the cut.
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#6: Naomi

Naomi WWE
Who is hotter? Her or Cameron? I gave the nod to Cameron pre DUI, but I could be wrong.
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#5: Layla

Oh Layla, how you make me happy. I did name my dog Layla, and I immediately regretted it the second she came into the WWE. She's....yes.
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#4: Eve

Eve is one of the sexiest woman to touch a wrestling ring. Not only is she an incredible athlete, but she looks the part. I'm not going to lie, I'd let her powerbomb me.
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#3: Aksana

In the name of wow. Aksana is one of the hottest divas to ever take part in the WWE. I can't figure out if I like her more as a blonde or brunette, but either way? I'm happy when she's on camera.
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#2: Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly
Only number 2? How is she not number 1 Gil! Well, I can give you a sneak peek. I like brunettes more than blondes but not by much. Kelly Kelly is obviously insanely hot, but hey- number 2 isn't bad! So leave me alone!
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#1: AJ Lee

AJ Lee
I love crazy girls. She is insanely hot, she skips, she throws temper tantrum. And I love it! Thanks for reading!