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Alex Morgan Pictures: 10 Reasons To Love the USA Soccer Sweetheart

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There are plenty of reasons to get behind USA Soccer. They are one of the best teams in the world and provided many exciting late game heroics in both the Olympics and in the World Cup in the past two years.

Another reason to love USA Women's Soccer is Alex Morgan, who not only happens to be one of the best players on the team and in the world, but she is a stone cold fox. I thought you might appreciate seeing a few gorgeous pictures of her, so enjoy.

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Alex Morgan 1

Alex Morgan
SOURCE: http://tehparadox.com

I have a fever, and the only solution....is Alex Morgan

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Alex Morgan 2

Alex Morgan
SOURCE: http://www.dailynewsnewyork.net

Alex Morgan makes it not as depressing to watch USA Women's soccer. If it weren't for her, and a couple of other hotties on the team, I'd never watch.

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Alex Morgan 3

Alex Morgan
SOURCE: bearinsider.com

Haminah Haminah Haminah.

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Alex Morgan 4

Alex Morgan
SOURCE: theoriginalwinger.com

I'm starting to lose focus. Where am I?

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Alex Morgan 5

Alex Morgan
SOURCE: listal.com

I had something clever to say, then I looked back at the picture.

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Alex Morgan 6

Alex Morgan
SOURCE: plunderguide.com

This is starting to get close to torture.

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Alex Morgan 7

Alex Morgan
SOURCE: http://www.diehardsport.com

Do I even need to say anything at this point?

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Alex Morgan 8

Alex Morgan
SOURCE: http://thelympicslog.blogspot.com

Thank you USA Soccer, thank you.

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Alex Morgan 9

Alex Morgan
SOURCE: celebcrunch.net

Whoever marries this girl is one lucky dude.

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Alex Morgan 10

Alex Morgan
SOURCE: http://sportsmasher.com

If there is one bad thing about this slideshow, it is that is has to end.

There are many reasons to love USA Soccer star Alex Morgan, and these pictures are 10 of them.