Paulina Gretzky: Hot Pictures of the Great One’s Daughter

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Paulina Gretzky: Incredible Pictures of The Great One's Daughter

Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky is one of the more beautiful women to grace the sports world, who really doesn't have anything to do with the sports world other than she's the Great One's daughter. Oh sure, she is a talented singer, but it's her Twitter and Instagram pictures that have made her insanely famous. Sit back and enjoy some of the awesomeness that is Paulina Gretzky

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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky


Absolutely stunning.

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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky


Bikini's are one of man's greatest inventions.

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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky

Thank you Wayne. Thank you so much.

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Paulina Gretzky



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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky

I don't even think I need comments in this article.

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Paulina Gretzky


This is obviously a great start to an amazing picture show.

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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky

Life is so unfair, isn't it?

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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky



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Paulina Gretzky


Lookin' good.

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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky

Sigh. I'm so not tired of this yet.

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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky


I appreciate a hot blonde in glasses, more than most.

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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky


Two is better than one.

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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky

Yes. Yes. Yes. YES. YES.

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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky

Why be a singer when you can just make pictures like this all the time?

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Paulina Gretzky


Ready to go.

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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky



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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky
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Paulina Gretzky


A night on the town?

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Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky

I wish the picture was clearer, sigh. I know you do to.

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Paulina Gretzky


You mad?

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Paulina Gretzky


Hmm, what do we have going on here?

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Paulina Gretzky


Hey, there's a cat in there.

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  • harley121

    What an ASS!!!!!

    • Nora Salgado

      What ass?

      • Chewbacca2000

        That’s what Im yellin. Isn’t anything there. Still fine as they get and all but no caboose to get loose.

  • jp2feminist

    He must be so proud of her.

  • Archer

    She looks like a really beautiful bimbo who knows how to show her “assets” to full advantage…

  • BobM001


    • captainkona

      I got a shot glass and a deck of cards. Be right over!

  • TokenGimp

    Any bets her boyfriends get checked hard?

  • Adam Branson

    Wow. Something to behold.

  • SamMcCall

    She’s got a great body. But her face is average. I think guys think she’s hot because she has a great body, plus she IS the greatest hockey player of all time’s daughter. Great bod. Average face. But guys like any broad with big tits, right?

    • Hugo S LaVia

      Butter Face: Like you said, “She’s got a great body. But her face … .

      • Rick Eger

        The face of an angel.

    • captainkona

      She carries herself well. And she feels sexy…. Both traits tend to make almost anyone sexier.

      • 1eyeninja

        yeah.. uh huh, carrying herself well as in pic 26.. keepin’ it real wit deh gangbangerzz

        daddy mus be proud

    • Guest

      Greatest hockey player of all time? Not! Gordie Howe without a doubt.

      • Rick Eger


        • Bryan ĸ McDonald

          smoke crack much?

    • Mike Alan


    • P’O'd

      Huh? What? Face? Oh, ya there is a face on her, ha, didn’t notice. Way to ruin it Sam. :)

  • Hugo S LaVia

    Wayne Gretzky: The Great One
    Paulina Getzky: The Slutty One

    • Joeseph Blow

      Call her a slut because you can’t have her? Hahahahahaha.

      • Rick Eger


    • Denise Canter

      Double standard, pig.

    • HarryObrian

      Decent body but quite the bulldog mouth on her… wow… shark bite…

  • Geo Thermal

    I wonder how much Daddy paid for those knockers.

  • JamesOnThePotomac

    Nice Pucks

  • roginator

    Well her mom is/was drop dead gorgeous, so no surprise the apple didn’t fall to far from the tree there.

  • vile.troll

    Dumb comments under those photos.

  • Russell

    The internet is fulla skinny white girls with big racks. What the appeal?

    • Jim Horn

      Nice big racks are more attractive than nice big bootys.

      • Loe

        Not if you’re a thuglike black dude. To old guys like you who can’t pull? Absolutely.

        • Rick Eger

          You mean thuglike gray dude?

        • Rick Eger

          I hate a fat @ss!

        • strange_new_times

          So you’re saying that you like a big fat ass because your a Black thug? You like fat asses because that’s all that a Black thug can get! No white girl with big boobs would even give you the time of day.

    • Mike Alan

      the appeal is her dad is the Great one and his daughter is a little slut. Daddy aint proud

      • Chewbacca2000

        She needs to do an interracial sex tape, that would seal the deal.

        • thatsdisgusting

          that would kill my boner

        • Danny Thompson

          Or a foursome.

      • Mike G

        Your mom is a little slut.

      • Allen Jones

        you don’t know she’s a slut…all you do know is that you can’t have her!

    • medavinci

      It’s only because it is Gretzky’s daughter…nothing else.

      • Jerry Harvey

        she should change her last name from Gretzky to Titzski, or Boobzsky.

    • Doug

      I’d rather see ‘skinny White girls’ than women with skin the same colour as what comes outa my ASS!

  • matt crawford

    nice body,but the face,not so much

    • Nora Salgado

      Maybe just the boobs cause she’s got no ass, thighs, hips.

      • Danny Thompson


  • brettlosey

    What’s wrong with her body? Creepy large shoulders with deformed waist. I think she’s kind of ugly. Besides, kissing her would be like kissing Wayne Gretzky.

    • Chewbacca2000


  • Fr33th1nk3r

    Is it just me, or does she look kinda nasty in that picture? There are a gazillion and one skinny girls on the internet– not much to look at there.
    Zombie-like pose, unnaturally skinny waistline with obviously enhanced breasts, butter face, bad skin.
    No thanks.

  • Juan Lucero

    She is hot….not anything more spectacular then most of the blondes we see in pics from California…..spoiled rich girl who likes to party, and which means the average Joe will never have the chance cause we don’t the connections or $. Guess we can window shop and dream!

    • Rick Eger

      Exactly average Joe!

  • Peter Eugene Pierce

    I wonder if there are any NAKED pics.

  • J. M. Gandolfo

    Omg! Paulina Gretzky has two pussies! Who knew?! (#32)

    • Nerdsamwich

      Pretty sure that’s actually a dog.

  • ImALadyToo

    NOT gorgeous, in my opinion. She looks like she has fake everything!

  • 123Star

    Paula needs to meet “The Real Great One, Jesus” She needs spiritual counsel, BIBLE

    • Loe

      Jesus was gay

      • audieho

        Sounds like you’ve never met real Jesus, either.

        • Rick Eger

          He sounds like he’s trying too be a funny guy.

      • Rick Eger


      • osteomed

        Yeah… About as gay as your momma!!

        • Rick Eger

          you mean…..yo momma?

  • Shooty McBang

    Looks like she needs a good home cooked meal to me. Probably has to hop around in the shower to get wet.

    • anony5

      haha that was funny!

    • Herman Vogel

      Nothing wrong with that,,,when she is older she will still look great. If she gained she will just have more Sag. sadly.

    • chuckcloninger

      Yeah, sure. Let me grab the crackers while you kick her out of the bed. Like you could ever date someone this good looking so all you can do it criticize? You’d probably have a wet dream as you shook her hand.

  • jak

    just another bimbo that cant keep her ass off the internet,classy

  • Dimitri Ayoub


  • GeneralSoreness

    is she lesbian?

  • tubaman

    I think she is a freakin’ lesbian!!!!!

    • Loe

      We can only hope.

  • DashRipRock

    Paulina Gretzky, can Puck me anytime she wants.

  • Bananaville

    Oh no, the great one raised a spoiled, entitled whore :(

  • Danielson

    maybe she’s officially anorexic, but not exactly a bombshell…

  • Aaron Yax

    Id love to Puck here….

  • qcubed

    I would be beautiful as well if my breasts were enhanced, and I am a dude.

  • Terresa Portal

    she looks anorexic. Nothing gorgeous about that. Sorry but,…..ewww

    • thatsdisgusting

      all the posts by women seem to say that she’s unattractive…
      funny how the men disagree

  • fritzidler

    Have seen most of these elsewhere, and better. Poor resolution, many are distorted, or bent, and some are so close-cropped it defeats the purpose of the original. You have manged to make an overdone, sleazy, glitter-whore, come off even worse. Next time, I hope I know better then to click on Gretzky’s daughter anymore.

  • mcengell

    She likes showing off her goodies I see, yet we’re pigs for looking. I hope the guy boning her knows not to go down on her, or he’ll be eating someone else’s clam chowder

  • BigR2

    Sorry , I must disagree with most of these posts. She is fine. Real Fine.

    • Rick Eger

      She’s gorgeous.

  • GNH

    She’s not ugly.

  • Kim Kirk

    Based just on these pics, she looks like more trouble than she’s worth. Not sure Dustin Johnson is thinking with the right parts of his body, but who knows…

    • osteomed

      uhh-haa —- The LITTLE-HEAD is doing the thinking for the BIG-HEAD!!

  • mauimama96753

    Okay haters! Her boobs do not look fake…and what the hell is wrong with you that you need to judge others? Does God come before or after your name…my guess is no! It is not our job to judge; it is our job to love! Grow up and get over yourselves because good looks fade in time and then all you have left is your persona…and if you don’t agree with this and you don’t have a persona; you are screwed!

    • CantPhaseMe

      Not that it matters….but are you blind? Her boobs are fake as hell. Sad that a real woman can’t tell the difference between a real set of tits and a huge set of fake boobs.

    • Rick Eger

      They’re jealous…

    • itaintover

      Those are plastic boss, Also, nobody gives a poop about your opinion anymore than they do mine.

  • RKW50

    She was so much better looking before the boob job.

    • thatsdisgusting

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say that before

  • Loe

    To the moron who made the video above:

    Compare Jason Dufner’s wife to your wife / girlfriend / uncle you blow. “Not too smooth with the ladies”?


  • philstpierre

    Not your average daughter and she must need glasses cause she buys the wrong size clothes that don’t fit well ????

  • Dolph Ramey

    Such wondrous tits!!!!

    • itaintover

      plastic, boss.

  • Angie D

    She looks like her mother.

  • James Hughes

    I don’t know who this Gretzky the great is, but is daughter is certainly great. Is he her manager?

  • Mi Li

    Spoiled brat without daddy in her life enough. If my daughter was immodest like her I would be embarrassed.

  • TheBerean

    I prefer the Pre-Implant version.

  • Frank

    Oh, seriously! Just because she has big tatas and a small waist does’t make her “gorgeous”. Men are so stupid!

    • Mike Alan

      It certainly puts her half way there. Her mother was a beautiful woman

    • Kyle Morrissey

      Methinks you are more likely a “Francine” than a “Frank”

  • Mike Won

    Not really very attractive acting much too common.

    • Rick Eger

      She looks good too me! Mikey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Deardorff

    yeah right. Like any of you mo fo’s would kick her out of bed!

  • Carl Hopkinson

    Just another stupid spoiled self-promoting whore.

    • coolfoolagain

      I like whores

  • Denise Canter

    It’s a shame she felt she needed a boob job. Tells me that she can’t accept herself, regardless.

  • coolfoolagain

    I’d hit that.

  • old_crank

    This is a lovely young girl except for the huge, unnatural boobs.

  • Khang Pham

    she is looking good

  • StevenA

    hate fake boobs

  • Oneluv Jones

    horse faced boney white girl wit big fake tits. whats so hot about that?

    • Oscarphone

      There you go! I was thinking the same thing. There are a few pictures here where she’s paired up with some other blond trollop, and to tell you the truth, I couldn’t tell which one was her for certain.

  • To the right To the right

    I hear she’s in a heavy relationsjip with porn star Maya Hills….

  • ny77

    bisexual, or what

    • Rick Eger

      you are?

  • rob

    yeah , she looks like she has had a rough life

  • Rick Eger

    Oh Paulina, you truly are “The Great One”

  • Rbk

    Her dad should hit her over the head with his hockey stick ! Look like a cheap slut to me ! Grow up girlly!

  • Martha Lemieux Rapoza

    She is kinda trampy lookin’….

  • janchup

    I’m happy she’s comfortable with her breasts.

  • Robert

    I agree !

  • TIAMAT evan

    Why is her forehead so small.

  • itaintover

    Just another piece of ass

  • Jake Carson

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  • bluesky


  • A.V. Stavern

    AKA The Great Two !

  • Eddie P Elfman

    She looks like a whore.

  • nobonesl

    Her dad was a playmaker. She seems more like a scorer.

  • Steven Gold

    A pretty woman with big bo obs makes the news.
    Well it works.

  • vee

    way too skinny (esp legs) and fake boobs, dyed hair, and lots of makeup……what’s the big deal—she looks like a million other “hollywood” types. i would think men would more enjoy natural beauties. HA!

  • dancinbarefoot

    Not much there for Wayne to be proud of….sad…

  • phungi20

    Odd place for her kitty…

  • Jeff Hinds

    That’s not a cat you morons. That’s a dog!

  • strange_new_times

    Yep Wayne must be soooo proud???

  • smash44

    Dang. She has a lot of girlfriends.

  • peterike

    At least she’s not mudsharking around like those vile Khardashians.

  • Mike Alan

    Oh dang, I just jerked off all over my computer screen. Damn

  • Greg

    he must be so proud of his slutty daughter!

  • medavinci

    Some pictures she looks like she has boobs, others they look deflated. Which is it? Implants, then not. Geez, these people are so fake.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Last pic she is flat as a board. When did she get her boob job?

  • Elmo Fudginputz


  • donbronkema1

    Wonder why people still obsess v-a-v the mammillary ‘organ’

  • Mr X

    Who gives a CRAP !!!!!!

  • Bill Wilson

    Must be tough for a father to watch his little girl turn into a tramp.

  • Mike James

    A lot of these aren’t really that hot, and barely show her…what’d you do just take the first 50 google image search results?

  • msskt

    Cute girl,But not as attractive as her Mother, and her Mother had better decision making about the pictures she allowed to be taken of her.

  • molon_labe

    She’s got the body of Woody off toy story.

  • keith

    somebody get that girl a cheeseburger…

  • LEL

    She looks good, but can she move the puck?

  • Noelle C Campbell

    Dear Dad, Thanks for the boobs and unearned fame!

  • L.D.Zafar

    Bet she has done this pose a lot….Wide open legs. There is a porn movie somewhere with her name on it….

  • Jorge Berrios

    She’s a little skinny, but she is sexy, at least in a bikini with her sunglasses on lol.

  • Chewbacca2000

    I think the “job” did her a ton of good. She seems like an amazing person most men would like to be around continuously….Along with in continuously…..

  • Vanessa White

    She looks hungry. Someone feed that poor girl!!

  • twelsh36446

    She’s hot

  • ejsmith

    I’d like to give her the hat trick! I’d love to put it in the back of her net! Id let her ride my Zamboner…I wouldnt mind giving her the ol’ slapshot…You can put me in her box for 2 minutes (penalty joke lol) or alternatively I wouldnt consider it a penalty to be put in HER box….if shes anything like her dad I bet she’s got great stick handling……oh I got a hockey joke about 3 periods, but it’s too bloody long! (British accent) theres more lame jokes out there – let’s get em going lol

    • ejsmith

      Oh wow. Picture # 25 of 43…you can see her open net! Looks like anyone can take that shot! And this isn’t me telling another lame joke. Im dead serious lol it’s wide open! Cmon wayne, did you forget about defense when you retired? No need to protect your little girl’s open goal…at leaat she doesn’t have a TV show that wants us to be Keeping Up With her media – promiscuity

  • IllinoisHostage

    I feel your pain Wayne, hold fast brother.

  • infidel

    Boy, it’s a good thing that she doesn’t act like some cheap attention ho!

  • poppygene

    she shares more with us than wayne ever did

  • garb67

    By the time she’s 40 those puppies will go from 36 D’s to 36 extra longs. Don’t get all of the fuss about an average looking woman. Like so many of her ilk she has no talent, merely famous for being famous, i.e. Hilton, Kardashian etc.

  • hamflip_dupree

    doctor silicone gave her some nice hocky pucks. she will make a lot of guys consider getting vasectomies.

  • Josey Wales

    Colonel Angus!

  • Adam


  • lindababy


  • Corcho Ekim

    She is beautiful and God made her..

  • jenna

    we understand she is attractive but does she really have to whore it up with the pictures? it is so distasteful

  • Guest

    Wow. Famous parents, and all she has to offer is T & A

  • Robert Brownlee

    She is a pretty young woman. But she has no self respect, if she had she wouldn’t be running around almost naked. Not that I’m a bible beater; but people need morals. She obviously doesn’t.

  • Larry Conner

    So, where did she buy those bad girls??

  • Sienna

    Why would anyone want to allow their daughter to parade themselves around like this. Is she a porn star?

  • Sienna

    True, she isn’t even pretty.

  • LarryConners

    Big deal…Looks pretty average to me…Like most women she has boobs, legs, and a butt… unlike most women she comes off as slutty, self-centered, and opportunistic, playing up to her Dad’s celebrity….

  • Taylor G. Moore

    On the top part of her bikini on the girl’s right I note a mark! Is that a tattoo or is it her pubics trying to protrude?

  • dolomite363

    slut or not, id like to finish a couple things inside a chick that looks that good…guess thats what my 50′s and expensive hookers will be for

  • J. Nev

    I would GREATFULLY love to fuck her many many times…

  • eric

    went to high school with her and while she dressed and made herself up to be what you all assume she was, she was actually a pretty nice girl who you could actually have a conversation with.

  • Oink Trotters

    Oh no, I’m beginning to feel overcome with White Male Privilege Syndrome.

  • realist

    good body but not very attractive. I’m guessing that without makeup, nothing special. Seems full of herself though. If not for the name, wouldn’t get much attention

  • Richard Archer

    Yes she is pretty with the perfect body but listen young bucks .ITS THE HEART OF A WOMEN THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW . Its like A sports car , IT LOOKS GREAT ON THE OUT SIDE BUT WHAT ENGINE DOES IT HAVE? TRANSMISSION ? ILL take a God loving country girl over this women any day .

  • Richard Archer

    Sad thing is ,,with looks like that she will get any thing she wants. Pitty the young man that falls for her .

  • stargazer3

    She is WAY too in love with herself

  • JJThomas

    Who’s her friend in the red bikini..much hotter..

  • JJThomas

    So? Another no-talent daughter of a celebrity or Ultra wealthy with no interest in getting a job, and just wants to be famous. Put her in line with Ireland Baldwin, Georgia Jagger, Ava Sambora,Riley Keogh(Elvis’ granddaughter) Corine Bishop(Jamie Foxx’s daughter), Dakota Johnson, Charlotte Casiraghi(Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter) Dree Hemingway..the list could go on for miles. They all have 2 things in common. Average or slightly above average looks, and a strong desire to NOT be employed at any job

  • truthisgood

    A bit too skeletal looking for my taste.