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Top 13 NFL Players You Love to Hate

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Top 13 Players in the NFL You Love to Hate
You all have them: NFL players who you just cannot stand for whatever reason. Some of them are dirty players, some are just great and lead awesome lifestyles and you're insanely jealous, or some are just losers who have awful personalities. This list contains pretty much every one of those categories, plus a couple more. Check out all 13 and comment below if you disagree.
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13. Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant is one of those players who you question his attitude and he does stuff like getting into domestic disputes with his mother. It's generally not that difficult to hate a wide receiver, and Bryant is someone a lot of people got hate for.
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12. Kellen Winslow-Jr.

Kellen Winslow
You don't need to be a genius to figure out why someone as talented as Kellen Winslow Jr. has bounced around the league. He's a loser and a terrible teammate. I'm not sure what the New England Patriots see in him, but it could be their ego in thinking they can change him.
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11. Tom Brady

Tom Brady
Tom Brady is one of those players you simply hate because he's so good and has everything. He's a winner and juggles model girlfriends. I'd definitely trade lives with him in a heartbeat.
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10. Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler
If you didn't hate Jay Cutler before last week, you probably do now. He didn't exactly win over his teammates when he shoved J'Marcus Webb on national television last week, looking like a complete loser in the process.
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9. Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis
Ray Lewis is another player who you just have to respect on the field because he's so dominant. He's one of the best linebackers to play the game, so it's not hard to hate when your team goes against him. There is also that whole off-the-field business that I will not get into.
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8. DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson
DeSean Jackson is another one of those diva wide receivers who you cannot stand because of his attitude. He is not happy unless he gets his way. He's also frustrating as hell in fantasy football, as he'll have eight catches for 140 yards one week, and three catches for nine yards the next.
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7. Tony Romo

Tony Romo
Tony Romo is one of the most hated players in the NFL. He is hated on by more of his own fans than probably any player on any teams. It's not even really that he's a terrible guy, people mostly just hate on him for his play.
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6. Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE
Mark Sanchez loves to live the life of leisure and is constantly seen partying and hanging around with model chicks. OK, that's fine. I can handle that and would do the same if I made that much money. But you can't suck as hard as Sanchez and still party like he does. His shirtless magazine spreads don't help either.
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5. Michael Vick

Michael Vick
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE
It's easy to hate Michael Vick for how good he is on the field, but most people likely hate Vick for his off-the-field issues. What he did to those dogs is despicable, and I will never excuse him of that terrible act.
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4. Philip Rivers

Phillip Rivers
Philip Rivers is not a hard guy to hate. He's a baby on the field who is always yelling at his teammates when things do not go his way and he's a trash talker. He never would have lasted in New York.
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3. Randy Moss

Randy Moss
Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE
Randy Moss is not a tough guy to hate when you see all the talent he has and how much he wasted it at many points in his career. Even when he was playing well with the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots, he would take plays off, barely run block and not hustle. Squandering God-given talent drives me up the wall.
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2. Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh
Ndamukong Suh was voted the NFL's dirtiest player in 2011, so obviously the players hate him which tends to rub off on the fans as well. Stomping on that Green Bay Packers player pretty much sealed his fate as one of the more hated players in the NFL.
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1. Cortland Finnegan

Cortland Finnegan
Cortland Finnegan is easily one of the players you just love to hate because of how much he gets into it with your favorite team's players and has an tendency to get under his opponent's skin. I was never more happy than when the New York Giants won the Super Bowl, but Andre Johnson destroying Finnegan was a close second.

A list of NFL players that, for whatever reason, you can’t help but hate them. Enjoy.