Florida State Places Twitter Handle on Field

By ryanmasters
Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

The Florida State Seminoles have placed their Twitterhandle on the field so that it an easily be seen by fans. It is right next to the end zone in white bold letters that is going to stick out to viewers in the stadium as well as on television. It is great to see that teams are so accepting of new technology. Or are they?

Florida State players were recently banned from using twitter for the rest of the year. Head coach, Jimbo Fisher, felt the move was necessary after some players were tweeting some controversial song lyrics. This is is very hypocritical of the university and the football program. They are trying to have the focus of the players stay on the field but now they are encouraging fans to express their interest in the team through the use of Twitter.

I understand that teams have their own rules and they are important to their success. Some college kids cannot stay out of their own way when it comes to social media. I understand why the team would ban Twitter. It eliminates many potential problems that could arise. I am not sure that Florida State University got the memo that the coaches were sending out. The team is banning twitter but the university is encouraging everyone who watches the game to actively engage with the teams Twitter account.

Why does the football program even have a Twitter handle if they are so opposed to the usage of it? Who manages the Twitter handle? I think that the coaches have some questions to answer. They should either remove the Twitter handle from the field or allow players to tweet away.

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