Rant My Life: Top 5 #RML Tweets from the Past Week

By Jeff Shull

In case you have not heard, here at Rant Sports we are starting a little initiative to give you, the everyday sports fan, a platform to make your complaints about sports heard. We all love Twitter, and we all love complaining about sports, so why not combine the two? If you haven’t already, open up your Twitter and tweet #RML in any complaint about sports: the best tweets will be featured on a video by the Rant Sports crew!

Here are some of the better #RML tweets from this past week.

This guy made the overreaction draft pick of the century by grabbing Matthew Stafford in round one of his fantasy football draft. Yes, Stafford had a great year, but I’m not sure I would have trusted him over some of the other quarterbacks that were likely available. Ouch.

Our esteemed video guy Dan Parzych had this gem during the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos game Monday. I share your sentiments, Dan. The replacement refs have got to be replaced…by the real officials.

Here is our college football manager Kris Hughes taking a good shot at Marques Colston, who is obviously on his fantasy team. Easy there Kris, he’ll come through. Did you also draft Larry Fitzgerald? He’s been particularly useless as well.

Ouch, bro. I’m guessing this guy did not see that C.J. Spiller went off on the New York Jets the week before. Nor did he realize Jamaal Charles is coming off ACL surgery. This must have been about a 30 point differential. That’s a special kind of failure.

I like this one because it not only shows the pain of a fantasy football roster fail, but uses a common phrase from a hilarious meme. Good luck with those Green Bay Packers wide receivers this year. I didn’t touch that talent pool with a 60 foot pole in my drafts.

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