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Rion Davis Scores on Back-To-Back Pick-6′s


Sophomore Rion Davis from Columbia A.C. Flora High (South Carolina) took the famous pick-6 to a whole new level. He made back-to-back interceptions and ran them both in for touchdowns against Columbia High School (SC).

His first pick-six was an interception on the 4-yard line. Davis had a better read on the ball than the receiver and he had no struggle to walk in the 4 yards to score the touchdown.

But then, he managed the unthinkable.

On the next play, Davis was in the same position around the 20-yard line and fought off the defender to intercept the ball once again. He twisted around the Columbia’s defender and even managed to run into the referee before strutting to the end zone for a 21-yard run.

It took less than 30 seconds off the clock for Davis to intercept and score the two touchdowns.

Both of these interceptions are fairly common, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them back-to-back, especially in a high school football game. And Flora needed them at the time to have a safe lead in the 4th.

Before the two Pick 6’s they were only sitting at a 34-20 lead. They ultimately won 48-20 but the other team had to have been lacking some motivation after those back-to-back plays.

This had to be a memorable moment for Davis, especially considering he’s only a sophomore and playing on varsity as cornerback. South Carolina is a state with tough competition when it comes to football so Davis has begun to make his mark in the recruiting world.