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Ace Sanders Has Sick Punt Return

Ace Sanders wants you to know that it is extremely hard to tackle him. The South Carolina wideout just about had the punt return of the year as he made defenders look simply silly as they tried to tackle him. If there is one highlight to watch this week, it is this one.

The only downside to this return is the fact that Sanders was not able to take it to the house.  He stepped out inside the five, but that does not make this any less awesome.  He made the defenders bounce off him like he was a bouncy ball.  A run like that should not be possible when two high level football teams are playing each other.

I have always had issues with SC but it looks like they are ready to be a legit contender this year.  They seem to start off fast but they always end up blowing some crucial game.  This year, it looks like they might be spoiling some other team’s party.  That might actually end up being a good thing.

If it means we get more Sanders plays like this, I think we will all end up winners.  If you can make guys fly off of you like this, you are certainly doing something right.  For his encore, he will simply have to score the next time he does that.  There is not a lot of room to really improve on this otherwise.

This is certainly on replay for the rest of the day.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.