Iowa Needs to Fire Kirk Ferentz

By ryanmasters

The University of Iowa lost to another inferior opponent today and it is starting to become a trend for the Hawkeyes. Even when they win, they never seem to play up to their potential. When this is the problem, there is one solution, it is time for a new head coach. Kirk Ferentz has been at the helm for the Hawkeyes for 14 seasons now and has worn out his welcome. Fans are ready for a change.

It is rare that a coach lasts for more than ten years and still maintains the program’s success. Captain Kirk has done some great things for the program but it is time to move on. The biggest problem is that the Iowa cannot really fire him. He is making roughly $3.65 million per year through 2020. It is unlikely that the university is going to eat that contract. There may be some stipulation in his contract that will forgive some of the contract. As an Iowa fan, I can only hope so.

The defendants of Ferentz say that he has done more with less than almost any other coach in the nation. This is not entirely accurate. They have consistently turned out pro-caliber players at many different positions. Obviously Ferentz deserves some of the credit for this but not entirely. Some of it comes with his position coaches and the work ethic that the players have.

It is frustrating that he can have his teams play so well against top 25 programs but he can’t consistently beat Northwestern, Minnesota, or Iowa State. Those have been inferior programs for the last several years but have consistently upset he Hawkeyes. Iowa does not even win convincingly when the play FCS opponents. It took 2 blocked field goals to beat UNI in 2009, a year in which they went 11-2 and won the Orange Bowl. How does a BCS Bowl winner have such a close call with a directional school that is the third best team in the state of Iowa? Iowa escaped that day with a victory but they did not today against Central Michigan.

The Iowa Hawkeyes are probably never going to be a serious contender for a National Championship but there is no reason they should not be consistently in the top 25. They play in the weaker division of the Big Ten and always play a weak non-conference schedule. This will be especially true in a year or two when Michigan and Ohio State are back to their glory days. They have been a solid program in the past and will continue to be if they find a new head coach. Iowa would be one of the most coveted available jobs in the country in the given year that it were to open up. It is time to change things up for the Hawkeyes and it all has to start by replacing the head coach.

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