Kevin Ogletree Slips On Hat Of Replacement Referee On Pass Intended For Him

By Riley Schmitt

Kevin Ogletree had a breakout game for the Dallas Cowboys in Week One and it looked like he was going to have another touchdown on Sunday. However, the replacement refs took care of that. No, he wasn’t called for a penalty. Instead, he slipped on the thrown hat of a ref on pass that was intended for him.

I get that the refs throw a hat when a player steps out of bounds and steps back in but why is the hat being thrown in the middle of play?  It was just a perfect storm as Ogletree stepped on it right as he was making his break on his route.  The hat made him fall and the pass fell incomplete.

So I am fairly certain that this will not be a big story or anything.  The refs may be awful at controlling the game and calling penalties but this is a whole new level of suck.  If you are going to do your job, make sure you are not directly impacting the play.  The hat throw may have ended up costing Dallas a touchdown.  That is something that will not sit well with a lot of fans.

It will still be a while before the actual refs show back up but these replacements seem to get worse by the week.  I did not think that would be possible but they are certainly finding a way to pull it off.  If you impact play like this, there is a huge issue.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.


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