Mark Sanchez Hits Tim Tebow In Helmet With A Pass

By Riley Schmitt
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

The Mark Sanchez to Tim Tebow connection has been dreamed about by football fans for the first couple weeks. Sunday, we saw the first pass from Sanchez to Tebow and it was glorious. Tebow was not looking for the ball and it hit him square in the helmet.

Calling the New York Jets bad on offense would be an extreme understatement.  They are so bad that it is not even funny.  The only touchdown they have on the day is a result of a pick six.  They have been in the red zone once or twice but they simply can not put a touchdown up on the board.

This play should be squarely on Tebow.  You are not a decoy on this play.  You are running a route which means you should get your head whipped around to look for the ball.  You don’t look for the ball, you take it off the helmet.  You take it off the helmet, everyone laughs at you.

See, this play sums up the Jets in one play.  You have two quarterbacks that are both so bad.  This play will be on repeat for a lot of people over the next few weeks.  It will never stop being funny.  Tebow is trying to help the team but you have to know your job.  You run the out pattern and you get your head around to look for the ball.

Silly Jets.  This gimmick is never going to work.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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