Caped Streaker at Ravens/Patriots Game

By ryanmasters

The Sunday night matchup was a battle of two playoff contenders. The Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots battled in a game that will mostly be remembered for some poor officiating and a big hit by Ed Reed. One thing that was not shown in the highlight reel is the video of the streaker during one of the television timeouts.

At the very beginning of the video you can see a guy with a black hat and sunglasses on. He is the man that will be seen by thousands in just a few short moments. He makes his way all the way down to the field over the next minute. Skipping ahead to the 1:00 mark, you can see him hop the fence and make his run for the center of the field. He proceeds to start dancing for a while until security tries to track him down. At 1:45 you can see the first person that is going to try to stop him. Several more people try to catch him but he has some nifty moves for them and manages to escape for a few more seconds of fame.

In most cases, streaking should not get any national attention but this guy actually seemed to be doing it for a good cause. He was campaigning for an anti-bullying organization. He knew what he was trying to accomplish and that’s why he had his friend taping the entire time. He was willing to spend a night in jail and pay the small fine as long as it got some publicity for the organization.

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