Erin DiMeglio Completes First High School Pass For Negative Yardage

By Riley Schmitt

Erin DiMeglio made history when she became the first female quarterback in Florida. She received a ton of attention for this and on Friday, she completed her first pass. Too bad it ended up going for negative yardage.

Hey, you have to start somewhere.  Not every QB comes in and throws touchdown passes from the get go.  This was a simple building block in her career.  Even DiMeglio realizes that this was an important step in her career.

“Completing a pass was one of my goals,” DiMeglio told the Sun-Sentinel. “I can check that off. My next goal is to complete a touchdown pass.”

If she ends up completing a touchdown pass, that will be a big story.  However, I think we can agree that a completed pass is the first thing that she needs to check off her list.

If this keeps up, I expect Erin to throw a touchdown.  The team is good, which means they have had plenty of blowouts for her to play in.  It may seem like a bit of a stretch to have a female throw a touchdown pass in a game, but she has come this far.  What can stop her from checking off the last thing from her list?

This should be a story that we all pay attention to.  It is a very big deal and I am certainly rooting for her to complete her first career touchdown.  Who knows, she just might inspire the next great female quarterback.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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