"Call It Maybe" Parody Rips on NFL Replacement Refs

By Renae Juska

As if the song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson hasn’t gone viral enough this year, it has been parodied yet again. This time it’s to bash on the horrible NFL replacement refs of course.

This version was first heard on the Common Man Progrum out of KFAN 100.3 in Minneapolis. Make sure to watch the pictures they show in the video, because that’s what makes entertaining–at least half of the referees look lost or confused. Not to mention the fact that the lyrics clearly describe all of the bad calls that have already occurred and we’re only in week 3.


Sadly this video was posted a few days ago, so tonight’s extravaganza was not included in the pictures. After tonight’s Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks game, the Packers deserve to have a key spot in the video after the blown call in the fourth.

These refs have so far this season have unnecessarily extended games, broken rules, confused each other on the rules, granted extra challenges and, as of tonight, failed to make the right call even after seeing the replay. So what is going to happen with this issue of horrific replacement refs? It’s hard to tell but judging by social networks, none of the players, coaches or owners are happy.

If you look close enough, someone has even commented with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s phone number under the video if you’d like to file a personal complaint. His number was leaked on Twitter shortly after tonight’s game and he’s sure to have a full voicemail box at this rate.

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