Green Bay Packers Fans Can Order "Goodell Beats Packers" Shirt

By Riley Schmitt

If you are a Green Bay Packers fan like me, you are probably pretty angry after Monday night’s game. Thanks to Roger Goodell and his band of merry replacement referees, the Packers were awarded defeat when it was clear they won the game. Now you can buy a shirt to commemorate the occasion.

There you have it. That is the first shirt out there to commemorate the absolute screw job that the Packers and their fans had to deal with. As a guy who has been a Packers fan for life and one who just happened to get some Packers stock in late 2011, this game really sticks in my craw.

The shirt is funny but I am not sure how many people will go out and buy something like this.  I do not want anything to remind me of this game.  It is too painful.  It is awful to lose but it is even worse to have victory taken away due to the refs.  I feel like I was punched in the gut and I will never suit up for a single game.

We will be hearing about this game for a long time.  I have never seen anything set off a firestorm like this game.  Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, we had reaction from players all across the league.  For the first time ever, I saw a group of fans, players, and media united against a single call.  Bad move by the league and the refs to ever end up with something like this.

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