Hercules Check On NHL 13 Is Simply Superb

By Riley Schmitt

I honestly think that I get more entertainment out of game glitches than actual games.  The Hercules Check from NHL 13 is one of those times.  In the video below, you see Zdeno Chara checking Sidney Crosby when a whole bunch of shenanigans break out.


Landing on the fans has to hurt.  Who knew that Chara was that strong?  I mean, he is a big guy but he loves to deliver those crushing checks I guess.  I wonder how long it takes Crosby to recover from something like that.  As soft as he is, he would probably have to retire after that.

I expect that this glitch will not last long and a patch will come out to fix it.  However, this glitch should stay around for as long as people want.  I mean, you can send people into the stands.  That is simply incredibly.  I would spend the entire game going for a hit like this.  In fact, make a mode where stand hits count like goals and watch the gamers fall in love.

Chara just went up about 15 levels in my book after a play like this.  I do not care if it is a giant glitch.  If you can check someone hard enough to send them into the stands, you should be applauded.  It may be just a game but I want to see this attempted during a game.  You know, whenever the league decides to start play.

Hercules Check is apparently the best moment of hockey that we will have this year and may be one of the best glitches ever in a video game.


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