New Derrick Rose Adidas Basketball Commercial "Wake Up" To Air Next Week

By Riley Schmitt

For Chicago Bulls fans, the world stopped when Derrick Rose went down with a torn ACL. The dream of a championship was sucked down the drain. Although Adidas Basketball has been criticized for trying to make money off the ordeal, the set of commercials they have done are amazing. “Wake Up” is no exception.

This commercial makes me so excited for Rose to return to the court, even if it is not until March. He is one of the most exciting players in the league and basketball is better off when Rose is out there doing what he does. Some may think that Adidas is using Rose too much, but I can not blame them.

Rose is their money maker and he just might have had his money making ability crushed by one fatal misstep. I do not blame Adidas for trying to get the money when they can. No one knows if the true Rose is going to return.We can only watch and wait. I hope he comes back at 100 percent, but you never know.

Let us get back to this commercial. It is simply amazing. The production is great and it does a great job of building to a climax. It has me excited for basketball and super excited for the return of Rose. That is exactly what you want out of this commercial and I am ready for it to come on TV.

We miss you D Rose. Come back healthy and do what you do best. The masses await.


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