Theme Song For NFL Replacement Refs

By Ryan Gaydos

This song is fitting especially after the poor decision making from the replacement refs during Monday Night Football, which featured the Seattle Seahawks defeat of the Green Bay Packers 14-12 on a crazy last second play. The song is a parody of Flo Rida’s “Whistle.”

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson escaped the rushing Packers defense to hurl a ball down to receiver Golden Tate who jumped up and looked like he grabbed the game-winning touchdown. One referee came over to signal touchdown while Tate fought for the ball with Packers cornerback M.D. Jennings. The back line judge came over waving his hands looking like he was calling for a touchback. What transpired next was one of the worst calls ever upheld in NFL history.

Upon further review, even though it clearly showed that Jennings had the ball and it could not be a ‘simultaneous catch’ because Tate only had one hand on the ball, the referees ruled the play a touchdown. To make matters worse for the Packers, they had to send out 11 men to complete the extra point attempt adding insult to injury.

This could be the tip of the iceberg for the replacement refs as everyone is hoping that changes to the officiating are coming. The era of replacement refs need to come to an end, for the players, coaches and fans sake.

It will be interesting to see if the owners and the uppers of the NFL will do something about this. It is also interesting to hear former players commentate and say that it ruins the sanctity of the game. It is a disgrace. Could it get much worse than this? Is this NFL’s “steroid era” that Major League Baseball went through? All we know is that change needs to come, fast.

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