TJ Lang Blasts Replacement Refs On Twitter After Blown Game

By Riley Schmitt



TJ Lang and the Green Bay Packers were screwed by the replacement refs on Monday night and the lineman is not happy.  In fact, he went to Twitter to express his displeasure.  Note that the tweet is edited a bit.

Got [redacted] by the refs..Embarrasing.  Thanks nfl.

TJ, I agree with you whole heartedly.  There is not a person out there who thinks that Green Bay did not intercept the last pass of the game.  However, the replacement refs thought it was a touchdown catch, so more power to them.  They will not have a reffing job by Thursday, so good for them.

Hopefully the league is happy.  They turned the league into an absolute farce.  This game was a joke and I hope the Packers protest it.  It was a sad thing to see.  This is the most popular league in the US but they are throwing out crap like this.  Just pure awful by all parties.

I will be shocked if the real refs are not back by Thursday.  They have all the leverage right now.  The fans are in an uproar and so is the media.  Public opinion will force the league to make a deal.  You can not plow ahead with these guys when it is clear that they are in over their heads.

They tried their best, but they simply can not keep with the speed.  That is fine.  Once you directly cost a team a game, it is time to get out.  Dueces, guys.

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