What Time of Year is the Best in Sports?

By Marc Jenkins
The World Series is One of the Many Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time of Year in Sports
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If you are a fan of professional and collegiate sports then there is always some kind of action going on no matter what time of year or season it currently is. Some times of the year have more action going on and others have less, but there is always something going on. Here’s a question that was posed to me once that I’d like to share; what is the best time of year for sports?

When I was asked the question I first replied, “Wow, that’s a tough one,” and then I thought for a second and kept thinking and kept thinking. The reason why I pondered so long on the question is because as simple as it may have seemed, it was truly a difficult one and here’s why. Sure the summer is great; baseball dominates the attention along with tennis, golf and NSACAR but what about winter? You’ve got football and basketball on both the professional and collegiate levels with some NHL action (whenever there isn’t a work stoppage) sprinkled in as well.

Those are two terrific seasons for sports fans to engage in watching and enjoying all of those sports but to be quite honest they may just be the two worst seasons for sports. Now granted, no season is bad for sports, but when you consider the fact that in both the spring and fall certain sports overlap, it just makes winter and summer seem inferior.

Take spring into consideration for instance. You have the stretch run of the NBA and NHL seasons along with their playoffs added with the nation-wide phenomenon that is March Madness and the beginning of a brand new MLB season as well. I mean seriously–that is a magical time of the year for anyone. All of those events occurring on a nightly basis is tough to beat by anything.

Now turn your attention on fall when you’ve got the stretch run of the MLB season (the Hunt for October) and its postseason along with the beginning of a brand new NFL season and NCAA football year which is then quickly greeted with the start of a new NBA and NHL season (accept when there is a work stoppage). Not to mention there is also a thing called the Chase for the Sprint Cup if you enjoy watching fast moving cars and the beginning of a new NCAA basketball season too.

So after thinking of the past 270 words or so, I then replied with an assured sense of certainty, “The fall. The fall is definitely the best time of year for sports.” Honestly think about it for yourself and if you don’t feel like doing that then just pick up your remote and/or purchase some game tickets and enjoy the magic that is the season of fall and all it has to offer to the world of sports.

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