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Football Game Suspended after Copper Wires Stolen


This is possibly one of the strangest football seasons that has ever happened: Pro football is full of horrible referees, college football has had numerous upsets and now high school football has had yet another bizarre cancellation.

It isn’t another pathetic cancellation like Kearney High had last week for “risking” player safety. This time Hayward High School (California) had a legitimate reason to delay their game on Friday: Theft of the copper wiring from the stadium lights and scoreboard.

The Hayward team plays their home games at Sunset Field, former home of the abandoned Sunset High. They use the field because it is the only one in Hayward with lights and a scoreboard that can allow for nighttime games.

There is no clear explanation as to why they were stolen, the only potential motive they have is that the wires are made of copper and can be sold on a black market for a solid $3000 or more.

Lucky for Hayward they got to play on Saturday instead and won 13-7 but they were still disappointed that they didn’t get to play Friday night. Even more disappointed is the JV squad, which may now have to terminate their JV program.

Hayward’s JV team gets all of their funding from the profits of concession stands due to district budget cuts. Without power, the team could only sell a limited amount of food on Saturday when the game was replayed. They estimated an average of $1500 during a normal game and that was cut to $200 for Saturday’s game, making their budget even tighter and considering termination of JV football next year.

Why someone stole these wires, and how they knew the value is somewhat suspicious; it’s not like everybody knows the value of copper wires off the top of their head. Not to mention that the devious act is going to put a financial burden on the school and an ending to the JV football program.