Millionaires Versus Billionaires Makes Commoners Suffer

By Marc Jenkins
Millionaires Versus Billionaires Makes Commoners Suffer
Derick Hingle-US Presswire

It has seemed as if over the past few years there has been some form of work stoppage or threat of one amongst the four major professional American sports leagues. Will these players strike? Will these players be locked out? Now it’s even gone as far to having officials being locked out with the current situation which is occurring in the NFL. I’ve got a simple equation which I have reluctantly but intelligently come up with and it’s actually quite simple; millionaires versus billionaires make commoners suffer!

I for one am comfortable enough within myself; my talents, abilities, flaws, looks, financial situation and everything else that constitutes my make up to call myself a commoner and with that being said these millionaires versus billionaires make me suffer.

Taking this back all the way back to the strike-shortened NBA season of 1999 (where there was a work stoppage of some sort that I could fully understand as a knowledgeable adult) it just seems ridiculous for all of these players, coaches, owners and commissioners who are making so much money on a yearly basis to be at odds with each other over money and if they are then why place themselves in a position where they stop working and making money.

There are no wins with a work-stoppage, I mean truly think about it when there are no games are being played then there are no ticket sales for owners to make money from. There are also no game checks being cut for any of the players, coaches or officials to receive.

No games also mean the hundreds of workers inside of the stadiums, fields, arenas and courts also go without working which means they can’t receive checks much smaller than that of a player or coach which then in turn means they have to find an alternate mode of earning money to support themselves and their families if they have one. Unfortunately no owner or player thinks about those types of situations which is another way how millionaires versus billionaires make commoners suffer.

We the commoners also suffer by not being able to use sports as a sense of refuge from the everyday world that sometimes can become overwhelming to even the strongest of individuals. No exciting game days (or nights) to look forward to attending with friends or families, no after work games to come home to and sit on the couch and enjoy before the harsh reality kicks in that tomorrow you have to return right back to the very job that you hate so much.

Pro sports work stoppages have such a trickledown effect on the everyday man and woman which owners such as Jerry Jones or Mickey Arison would just never understand. They and the others in their billionaire fraternity are completely oblivious to the effects that their decisions have on the common man such as myself and you. Truthfully they probably don’t really care either and unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about it but suffer. Sure we could all attempt to ban together and begin a nationwide game-stoppage of our own and not support professional sports on any level. Don’t attend games, don’t watch anything sports related on television, don’t purchase any kind of sports merchandise and don’t even mention that dreaded six letter word that brings us so much pain and joy. If we the sports fans, followers and supporters banned together and did such a thing then maybe we would gain the attention of the owners, players, coaches and commissioners but it would take a lot on our part to do so.

We would temporarily suffer with not having any sports in our lives but perhaps in the end we the commoners would make the millionaires and billionaires suffer even more. I know it’s radical idea, trust me I know but I for one am sick and tired of hearing the word work stoppage used within the world of sports and maybe just maybe that radical idea could work and eradicate that hideous term.


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